Inspection of second hand
cars throughout Lithuania

Don’t want to be deceived? Do not buy a pig in a poke – contact us before buying a car!

We will help you to choose a good and reliable car

You will save money and time when buying a used car

We arrive at the place to check cars 7 days a week


Pre purchase car inspection is the only reliable team of professionals engaged in professional pre purchase car inspection at the location of your choice. Many years of experience and thousands of satisfied customers allow us to be the leader in this field and use the most modern equipment in the market.

What makes us different from our competitors? We employ only qualified specialists with many years of experience who are engaged in pre purchase car inspection, know all the tricks of car dealers, and can give a valuable advice. Our specialists will help you to determine the cosmetic, mechanical and safety condition of the vehicle before completing the purchase in order to avoid potential safety of financial issues in the future.

Searching for a car to buy

Can’t find a car you are looking for? Contact us – we will advise, find a car for you, and check it.

We cooperate with many reliable partners who are involved in the import of cars from Western Europe.

It will give you the opportunity to buy a technically good, undamaged car for the best price at first hand.

Benefits of choosing us

Save money

We will help you to save money and reduce any unnecessary costs.

We arrive at the place

We arrive at the place to check the vehicle 7 days a week.

Reliable team

Reliable team is always here to keep you informed and supported.

Great experience

Experts with extensive experience who know the characteristic weakest points of cars.

Professional car diagnostics

We carry out professional car diagnostics and use the most modern car diagnostic tools.

About us

Specialists with extensive secondhand cars market experience.